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Kay is the alter ego of Kathy Alice Brown, a digital marketing consultant by day, and creator and author by night. K. A. Brown has two books published, The 10 Day Reset Diet and Coronavirus Survival Guide.

Tofu Tahini Noodles

Tofu Tahini Noodles

This recipe will work with a variety of vegetables, but I stay away from stronger tasting onions and stick to […]

Vegan Course

5: Let’s go shopping Next Steps Make a list of the ingredients you’ll need for the recipes you identified If you need help

Vegan Course

3: What’s for Breakfast? Grab and Go Green Smoothies To make a green smoothie you need kale or spinach, both frozen and fresh


Easy Basil Salsa

Serve with rice or corn tortilla chips for a gluten free snacking treat for parties and TV sports events. 1

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